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For many people today, telecommuting or running a home-based business requires a professional looking, fully functional office. Almira has a host of styles available, from sleek modern, to painted country, to a more formal traditional feel. Our home offices pack options including CPU and printer storage, power centres with USB and network connections, keyboard drawers and more, making your time as productive as possible. With our selection, who knows, maybe you’ll actually enjoy going to work.

Louis Philippe Office


Phase in Solid Walnut

West Bros Furniture


What colour should I paint my home office?

Colour psychology is an important consideration when choosing a paint scheme for your home office. Certain colours create physical and emotional responses and reactions in individuals. It affects mood and energy. Being aware of the impact of colour is paramount when selecting a home office colour scheme.

· Stay away from cool colours such as blues, greens and violets. These colours evoke feelings of relaxation, make the room feel cooler and can actually lull a person to sleep.

· Green is considered a neutral colour and is also the dominant colour in nature. It adds freshness and vitality to an office environment as it evokes organic, fresh and restful emotions which help foster concentration.

· Yellow is definitely an eye catcher but can be overpowering and distracting in a home office.

· Red is energetic and can produce a sense of excitement. It makes a great accent colour.

· White, ivory, gray and tan are neutrals and can effect subtle variations in colour. Depending on the accent colours used with them, neutrals can be pulled to both the warm and cool spectrum of colour and can reflect the accent colour.

· Purple is known to stimulate imagination. Purple and lavender tones cross the line between warm and cool and help with focus and concentration.

Colour selection is up to each individual but these guidelines should help you create a pleasing palette that will increase your productivity.


Louis Philippe desk & hutch 


Hooker Wall Office

Home Office by Hooker Furniture

Hooker Furniture

Small Contemporary Desk

West Bros Furniture

Traditional Office

Hooker Furniture


Closeups of the quality craftsmanship of the new West Bros Workspace Collection.



Small Scale Office

Hooker Furniture

Home Office from Hooker Furniture


Home Office from Hooker Furniture


Home Office from Hooker Furniture

Hooker Furniture




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